Vernon's baseball journey began in Shreveport, Louisiana where he was born. The Wells family moved to Arlington, Texas when Vernon was in elementary school. Vernon's father, Vernon Wells Jr. introduced Vernon to football and baseball at a young age. As an accomplished sports artist, his father exposed him to professional athletes, especially baseball players that came through the Rangers Stadium. It was then and there Vernon got the chance to meet some of the game's greats like Rickey Henderson, Dave Parker, Dave Stewart and Reggie Jackson.

Today we know Vernon as a centerfielder. However, at the age of seven, he began his little league career as an infielder. That all changed when Vernon was ten years old and had the age old Little League "welcome to baseball" moment when he misplayed a ground ball and took it in the face. It was his request to be as far away from the infield as possible. He settled into centerfield and has become a three-time Gold Glove winner at that position.

Vernon took his parents' advice and worked hard in the classroom. He practiced hard at football and baseball and devoted most summers to both. He became an accomplished two-sport athlete, starring as a high school All-State performer in football as quarterback and in baseball.
Of course it didn't hurt to have athleticism in the family. Vernon Jr. played Division 1 football at TCU and played professionally in the CFL with the Calgary Stampeders.

Growing up in Texas, high school football is king and it was a sport Vernon loved. However, it was clear his talent as a baseball player could reach the professional level. In his senior year, Vernon batted .565 with seven home runs and 20 RBIs and was named Texas High School Player of the Year. His size, speed and success as a hitter drew the attention of baseball executives all over. The Toronto Blue Jays emerged as big fans of Vernon.

Before the Blue Jays drafted him in the first round in 1997 and the fifth overall pick, Vernon signed his letter of intent to the University of Texas, and expected to play both football and baseball. Ultimately, Vernon knew his love and dedication for baseball had a great chance of success.
Vernon Wells takes as much pride in his defense as he does in his offense.
Saving a run with a great defensive play can be just as meaningful to a team's success as driving a runner home.
It's his dedication to being a complete baseball player that made Vernon a foundation of the Toronto Blue Jays organization for many years and keeps him a valuable player for the New York Yankees.
Through his charitable organization, the Perfect 10 Charity, Vernon and his wife, Charlene, strive to support and protect children in need.